To apply for the Masterclass, please fill in the application form below.

Along with the electronic application form the participants must also submit a scan or copy (PDF) of the payment confirmation. You will receive an invoice for payment after successful registration to the email address that you will provide when registering.

For payment, please use the following details:

Beneficiary’s name and address:

AIDA, Andraž Likar s.p.
Flisova ulica 3
2366 Muta, Slovenia

IBAN: SI56 101000058274879

! The bank transfer must include: NAME of the participant – Masterclass. (Example: Andraz Likar – Masterclass) !

 *The possible cost of a bank transfer is not included in the cost of the application fee.


    *Name and surname

    *Home adress (Street, Postal Code, City, Country)

    *Date of birth

    *Music School:

    *Your e-mail

    *Phone number

    *Masterclass: Katarzyna MyćkaJure GradišnikAndrea Corsini

    *Participation: ActivePassive

    Planned programme (composer, tittle of the piece):

    Caretakers (obligatory for students under 18 years of age)

    Caretakers (Full Name)

    Home adress (Street, Postal Code, City, Country)

    E-mail adress

    Phone number

    *Payment confirmation of the Registration Fee(pdf)

    Maximum file size is 2MB. If needed you can compress files HERE.

    *By applying to the BOLERO Masterclass, I agree that the photos and videos that will be taken during the event will be used for the archive of the companies Melodija, Zasebna glasbena šola Muta, d.o.o. and AIDA s.p. and on the online platforms of both companies (website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube).

    *In case of your cancellation, the registration fee will not be refunded.

    *The organizers of the BOLERO Masterclasses reserve the right to make changes and take responsibility for all decisions within the BOLERO events that are not defined in the text on the website.

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    Once your application has been successfully submitted, notification will pop-up here. Shortly after, you will receive an email confirmation.