According to the results of the Jury members, the average is calculated, based on which awards, plaques or awards are given to the participants of the competition. The results of the Jury are final and are published here, on the board at the competition venue and on online platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

Plaques and prizes will be awarded at the Award Winning Ceremony, in the evening on the day of the competition, when the individual category or several categories are completed, depending on the number of participants of the competition.


International Music Competition BOLERO is organized in the effort to encourage young musicians to deepen their musical and artistic activities, regardless of their current position in comparison with their peers. For this reason, the assessment points achieved by each individual and the exact order of the competitors for a certain category (with the exception of winning an award in each category) will not be published. This type of public results announcement maintains the transparency of the competition, and at the same time positively protects the lower placed participants of the competition.